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Community Support

At Meltzer’s we feel is it not just important to help others, it is our responsibility to do. It may sound corny to some folks but it makes sense to us here. We at Meltzer’s have a sense of deep responsibility to our world and to the environment. We are stewards and it is our responsibility to behave as such – to act responsibly and take great care in all that we do.

We run our business in an environmentally supportive way. Our tins are 100% recyclable, our herbs and extracts are manufactured without the use of harsh chemical solvents, and our manufacturing methods are simple and use as little energy as possible.

Meltzer’s particularly believes in local community support. We also take an active role in helping out, not just expecting others to do the work.

Two areas are of particular concern to us and we discuss these areas more below.

Our Honorable Seniors

Seniors fall through the cracks in our society. Any of us who have been around and dealt with seniors, and understand the lack of support that most seniors have, understand this intimately. So as a company, Meltzer’s will do what it can to help this honorable age group. Meltzer’s supports agencies that help Seniors, such as www.greybears.org of Santa Cruz County. As we grow as a company, our support will grow also.

Project PurrAnimal Advocates - Feral Cats and Homeless Animals

Animals truly bless us with their existence. This is true for both domesticated animals and wild ones. At Meltzer’s we help any animal that comes our way that is in need. Meltzer’s supports, and works closely with, agencies that help animals, such a www.projectpurr.org a dedicated feral cat advocacy organization.

We have personally spent much time, energy, and money helping animals ourselves, mostly feral and homeless cats. Please scroll down for an introduction to the wonderful animals we have personally been lucky to help. (coming soon!)

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