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We are excited to announce our new website! Please check out Meltzers Puremints .

I have been searching for the ultimate mint for years and I'm happy to say I've found it! Keep up the great work and never use artificial sweetners, corn syrup or any other of the bad stuff, keep them strong and I'll be a customer for life!

— Robert J Cannella, Florida

Hi. I just want to say that I love three of your products. The Licorice, the Spearmint, and the Peppermint. I have not yet tried the Ginger. I think that you are doing an amazing job making the best tasting mints on the planet! If you ever think you want to add another flavor, I would highly encourage you to consider Wintergreen since it is my favorite. Keep up the good work. I hope you are highly successful.

— Mark Janis, Aptos, California

Your mints are a rare find among the artificial knock-offs on the market. I love the clean ingredients and powerful breath freshening quality. I think it's great that you use real herbs to enhance the effectiveness of the mint. The ginger is my favorite! I use them quite frequently for digestive upset, nausea, and motion sickness. They are a wonder mint! Thank you.

— Katy Storm, San Jose, California

Linda, The Ginger mints worked like a charm for my motion sickness when I went whale watching in Kuai. Whale watch was great - saw quite a few at a distance and dolphins up close... I will rave about your mints to everyone! Can't thank you enough..

— Kathy Goudie, Milwaukee Wisconsin,

To Meltzer's:
The peppermints sell really well here. I really like your gingers which is funny because I normally don't like ginger. Plus I like the purity and minimal processing of your product. That exactly what we want.

— Ivan Taylor, Anstead's Marketplace, Healdsburg California

Thank you for these mints! I love the cleanness of this product and the pungent flavors. Thanks! In Health,

— Artista Marchioni, RN, Artista's Nutrition, San Pedro California

Thanks for your product. My husband has some lower digestive complaints and everything in your peppermints is what he needs to soothe his system. He is a big fan. Thank you so much! Sincerely -

—Nancy Mietz, Healdsburg California

Dear Puremints:
I used to not use breath mints until I tried yours!! Myself and my co-workers and clients thank you for such a great and refreshing product. Great taste and great ingredients! Had some other natural mints once - blech! Yours taste fantastic!

— Karen Hansen, Santa Cruz California

Your Puremints are soooo good! And they are all-natural! I love mints – I usually buy any new mint I find just to see what they are like and yours were a very, pleasant surprise. I was just on vacation down in Big Sur and I bought a one of your tins (great packaging) at the Phoenix Gift Shop. They are so refreshing and have much better taste than other mints, which mostly just feel cold and even bitter. The texture is great too, and not chalky. Good job.

—M. Stratton, Santa Cruz California.

Hi! Recently I purchased your Ginger Puremints in Williamsburg, Virginia at Ukrops. I love these Ginger Puremints! Where can I find them in South Central Pennsylvania? We do not have a Ukrops here. Thanks!!

— Sarah Lynn, Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Hello – I just want to tell you that your ginger mints are fantastic, hands down. They are really tasty with a nice spicy kick. And thank you so much for making them without animal gelatin. They are definitely top quality. I've found that they really help my stomach. I experience motion sickness when in a car which is really uncomfortable but your ginger mints really help and I can easily take your mints with me.

—Anne Patnik, Watsonville California

To the Meltzer Lady:
Meltzer's stands for mmm- MINTY! I absolutely love these mints. I've got a tin of mints on my desk and a ginger in my purse so I can have them handy all day. All my co-workers ask me for them - I have to fight them off. I bought them at the Zanottos Market in Scotts Valley. Are you going to get them into New Leaf markets?

—Gina Orlando, Gilroy California

I had to write to you. I love your Puremints. It's about time someone came out with a great tasting all-natural mint. My husband and I were traveling down the coast from Santa Rosa and we stopped in at the Costanoa resort (in Pescadero) and found your mints. Great job. Excellent taste - not at all bitter. And we really like the fact that there are breath-freshening herbs in them too. I am so tired of all the artificial flavoring and sweeteners that companies use. Your mints actually taste fresh and clean. Where can I find them up here in the Sonoma area? - I love them!

—April Fernald, Rohnert Park California

I really enjoy your mints, they are STRONG! And not too sweet, with no bitter aftertaste. My husband and I both love your mints. He thinks the gingers are incredible. And they helped his stomach the other day - he gets motion sickness. Are they available in San Jose?

—Sonia Tafoya, San Jose California

You're mints are fantastic. I passed them out at a meeting today. They were a huge hit. Everyone loved the fresh clean taste – the peppermint really is top quality. Not too sweet and nice and strong. And the light green color is so nice – and I really love that they contain parsley and chlorella. And I didn't realize that chamomile was also good for breath freshening.

—Lori Bowman, Boulder Creek California

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